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We had dreams. They were brilliant things based on glimpses in real life. Circumstances revealed to us what we were really capable of creating.

As the 'real world' sucked up the energy and focus with loads of to-dos and expectations, the world shrunk and our dreams receded.

No more! Now, we work together in a co-operative way that sparks with fun and possibilities. We have figured out how to be ourselves and tap into that brilliance often. We still learn, co-mentor, and discover new colleagues and friendships. 

This deep mutual respect and unified focus creates space for brilliance.  Business really can be fun and profitable!

Fill out the form and sample our focus and direction. 

Who knows, it may soon include your brilliance too!

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Welcome to Triad Group HQ

Triad Group HQ, is focused on elevating your ability to Embrace, Experience, and Expand your brilliance. Leverage it to increase your impact and reach in this world. The Next-Level Leader Centre of Excellence, the Big Blue Door Virtual Workspace, and our Big Blue Door Community Hub are the three pillars dedicated to enriching your ripples of success. 

EMBRACE: Knowledge woven with experience = wisdom. All of our curriculum is designed and delivers deep learning that results in skill development and a wider wisdom. It feels great to have the  that you can apply to broadly in your business and wider world.  You find our programs at our Next-Level Leader Centre for Excellence

EXPERIENCE: Knowledge only stays with us when we action and integrate it into our world. Creating an environment that is highly resourced, encouraging, and fun is by far the best way to ensure you have built the valuable neurology you can leverage again and again. We created just the place for you - the Big Blue Door Virtual Workspace has all of the small 'a' accountability you need as you release your brilliance.

ELEVATE: Sharing wisdom, giving advice, seeking answers, and general tom foolery are what makes community engaging and interesting. When everyone is on a similar path to leverage their brilliance in every way possible, only amazing things happen. Sometimes there just isn't enough access to amazing people in our world, how cool that they now have a place to gather and connect in our Big Blue Door Community Hub.

Together we craft a unified focus that allows our brilliance to flow. We will simplify leadership, clarify the skills required, and amplify the call for cooperative success. Accomplished professionals, entrepreneurs, and seekers of all stripes will wear a path to their own brilliance as they step up to take their business, personal growth, and life to the next level. It’s like being at the very best kitchen party.

Take the path to your 

own brilliance

Invest in yourself

Elevate engagements 

in the workplace

Approach challenges with

curiosity and zeal

Create ripples of impact

Dedicated to the 

power of us